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What I’m Reading Now: “Your ‘Surge Capacity’ is Depleted—It’s Why You Feel Awful”

A way toward healing from overwhelm
by Dawn Alitz | September 3, 2020

Tara Haelle’s article caught my attention because lately I’ve been struggling, well, because I’m struggling. I have a job that I love, with people I respect, for a mission that I am passionate about, with a faith that has always sustained me.  And, I’m struggling. This article was helpful in naming a framework that describes what my brain and body are saying to me and giving me permission and some practical suggestions on healing. 

“It’s harder for high achievers,” she says. “The more accustomed you are to solving problems, to getting things done, to having a routine, the harder it will be on you because none of that is possible right now. You get feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, and those aren’t good.”

Read the article here.

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