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Featured image for “How to Make Going to a Baseball Game a Meaningful Spiritual Practice”
Nov. 01, 2019

How to Make Going to a Baseball Game a Meaningful Spiritual Practice

This breakthrough practice helps you build community, show support for your neighbors, and experience God’s presence in daily life.
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Oct. 19, 2019

Faith+Lead Learning Lab

A social network for Christian leaders to connect and share.
Featured image for “Innovation: From Buzzword to Renewal”
Oct. 17, 2019

Innovation: From Buzzword to Renewal

As innovation becomes a buzzword, it’s easy for church leaders to reduce it to a trend. But how might it play a powerful role in renewal?
Featured image for “How to Lead ‘Dwelling in the Word’”
Sep. 20, 2019

How to Lead ‘Dwelling in the Word’

An ancient spiritual practice that helps locate where God is active.
Featured image for “What’s Really Causing Church Decline…and What We Can Do About It”
Aug. 12, 2019

What’s Really Causing Church Decline…and What We Can Do About It

How can we renew the church’s identity and help in join God’s work in the 21st century?
Jun. 05, 2019

Why Does the Church Need Innovation?

Michael Binder explains how the church can benefit from innovation practices such as design thinking–not for its own sake, but to discover and follow where the Holy Spirit is leading. Put this learning into practice. Join us at the Faithful Innovation Summit, July 24-26, 2019 in Minneapolis.
Featured image for “Gratitude & Grace”
May. 21, 2019

Gratitude & Grace

There are many G-words in the English-speaking church world; God, Good, Glory, Giving. But in the work of stewardship and congregation maintenance, peering closely at budgets and the results of giving campaigns, squinting at the numbers can obscure the big “G”s of Grace and Gratitude. This week, Sean Mitchell explains the importance of gratitude strategies from his years of experience
Featured image for “Five pitfalls to avoid when evaluating the senior minister”
May. 16, 2019

Five pitfalls to avoid when evaluating the senior minister

There is no one right way to evaluate the performance of a senior minister. However, there are many ways to do it that can harm the relationship between minister and the congregation.
Featured image for “Why Faith+Lead?”
Mar. 14, 2019

Why Faith+Lead?

Why did we build Faith+Lead–and where do we believe God is calling?
Featured image for “Fixing a Toxic Team Culture”
Mar. 07, 2019

Fixing a Toxic Team Culture

Do you have to fire someone to fix a toxic team culture?