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Navigating the pandemic:

a survey of ministry leaders

Understand how churches and leaders are innovating during the pandemic, as well as the challenges they're facing—and what it all means for the future of ministry.


The pandemic has exposed needs within the church, but it has also created new opportunities for fellowship, collaboration, and giving. This is what we asked about:

pandemic response

Is rethinking how to do church necessary? Could we get back "normal" if we tried? You told us about surviving, waiting to see for yourselves, and a willingness to embrace change.

ministry challenges

Our experience of church is built on face-to-face interaction. How is ministry impacted by the need to socially distance? From isolation and loneliness to digital adaptation, the obstacles are real.

financial challenges

With jobless rates spiking and in-person services halted, we wanted to know how finances were affected. What we discovered was a bigger picture that includes online giving and growing needs in the congregation.

promising innovation

Despite the challenges, stories of hope reverberated in the responses we received. Whether it was creating online worship services or new approaches to pastoral care, the pandemic has forced innovation that might not have happened otherwise.

what's inside?

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