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an excerpt from

red state christians

by Angela Denker


Download chapter 8,
"evangelical women and donald trump: Who's grabbing whom?"

In Red State Christians, journalist and pastor Angela Denker explores the theological and cultural trends that have led white Evangelicals to support Donald Trump by overwhelming margins. In this chapter from the book, Denker turns her compassionate and insightful analysis toward conservative Christians' response to Trump's crude attitudes toward women.

how #metoo shifted the landscape of evangelicalism

Not long after Trump's election, #MeToo sparked a nationwide conversation--including in the American church.

a conversation with
paula white

Denker visited Paula White's congregation in Florida and met with the controversial pastor after Sunday services. What Denker experienced might surprise you. 

unpack the long-term impact of purity culture

Inside "purity culture" and pervasive evangelical teachings that contributed to the abuse and devaluation of women--and the Christian leaders who spoke out.

lead with compassion in a polarized culture

While never excusing harmful teachings or behavior, Denker's insights will help leaders bring deeper understanding to ministry in a polarized political climate.

what's inside?

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