Featured image for “Quick-Start Guide to Hybrid Ministry”

Quick-Start Guide to Hybrid Ministry

A free guide for helping you get started with Hybrid Ministry.
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Church Finances for Ministry Leaders

A free tool for making mission-driven decisions every timeMake Sure the Values You Share Align With Every Decision You Make
Featured image for “Bi-Vocational Ministry Starts With Taking an Honest Inventory”

Bi-Vocational Ministry Starts With Taking an Honest Inventory

A free e-book for people thinking about changing directionsBi-Vocational Ministry Starts With Taking an Honest Inventory From shrinking budgets to
Featured image for “Creating a Culture of Generosity E-Book”

Creating a Culture of Generosity E-Book

How to find and tell stories about your ministry that encourage folks to give all year long.
Featured image for “Understanding Bias and Burnout”

Understanding Bias and Burnout

A free tool for evaluation and self-reflection
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Courage is the real difference-maker for leaders – here are four skill sets of building courage!
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Staying Grounded in the Storm

Three Simple Practices for Developing Resiliency
Featured image for “Life Lessons from Dragonflies”

Life Lessons from Dragonflies

A free resource to equip you in caring for those suffering losses
Featured image for “Ministry Leaders Survey”

Ministry Leaders Survey

Understand how churches and leaders are innovating during the pandemic, as well as the challenges they’re facing—and what it all
Featured image for “Anti-Racist Trust Team”

Anti-Racist Trust Team

A powerful practice in Christian anti-racism work.
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Church Experimentation Starter Kit

8 Simple Practices to Help Your Congregation Discern God’s Leadership and Grow Capacity for Faithful Innovation
Featured image for “A Sample Chapter from Grace and Gigabytes”

A Sample Chapter from Grace and Gigabytes

Technology is changing the shape of culture. How is the church is being called to respond?
Featured image for “Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday”

Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday

Make sermon prep the most spiritually renewing part of your week.
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Red State Christians

Read chapter 8, “Evangelical Women and Donald Trump,” from Angela Denker’s book, “Red State Christians.”
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Walter Brueggemann on Preaching

Energize your sermons with reflections on preaching from one of the world’s most beloved Old Testament scholars and theologians.