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the church delegation playbook

set work free in four simple steps


expert church consultants susan beaumont and gil rendle help you set work free so you can attend more fully to the work of ministry

reclaim your energy for ministry

If you're exhausted and overwhelmed with your work, chances are good that you need to embrace delegation. Learn how to let go of work you don't need to do--so that you and your staff members can thrive.

what's the right delegation style?

No two vollunteers or staff members are exactly alike--which means you have to adjust the way you dlegate to meet their particular gifts. Learn to choose the right style to get the results you want.

what should you delegate?

Some tasks are particularly well-suited to delegation--and some aren't. Find out which ones will set you and your staff up for success.

how to delegate effectively

Delegation and follow-up require three basic components to be successful. What are they and how do you do them? That's what you'll discover inside.

what's inside?

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