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Learning to Listen – See Faithful Innovation in Action

Training from Luther Seminary introduced faithful innovation concepts to two Wisconsin churches. Watch their story and learn more.
by Faith+Lead | December 3, 2019

What is Faithful Innovation?

Faithful innovation looks different in different ministry contexts. In the video below, watch a parish in rural Wisconsin navigate the challenges of listening to God, neighbors, and each other in order to develop deeper connections. It’s one of many stories that will be featured at the 2020 Faithful Innovation Summit, a popular annual event to be held June 24-26 in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Learning to Listen – with Rev. Erin Nelson from Faith+Lead on Vimeo.

Listen, Act, Share

The faithful innovation process works using three distinct practices: Listen, Act, and Share. This video, “Learning to Listen,” shows how listening is a key first step in innovation. Through a year-long training that introduced faithful innovation concepts in Wisconsin churches, Luther Seminary trained leaders who inspired Georgetown Lutheran Church and Trinity Lutheran Church in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin. Watch the story and find out more about faithful innovation. 

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