Faithful Adaptation: Digital Community and Outreach

Stories and insights from a seasoned digital pastor to help you adapt to moving community online.
by Emily McQuillan | April 3, 2020

Session 5: Digital Community and Outreach

Leaders everywhere have worked to cultivate and offer community in digital spaces as life continues to change in response to the pandemic. Pastors, music directors, and other leaders from around the country came together to explore how to be a digital community during the fifth Faithful Adaptation webinar, hosted on Luther Seminary’s Faith+Lead Learning Lab.

Faith+Lead hosts regular Faithful Adaptation webinars where participants can connect with ministry peers to discuss your needs, your challenges, your learnings–and most importantly, where God is showing up in the midst of this very real disruption. 

Session 05 focused on Digital Community and Outreach. Digital pastor Mark Brandt (Lutheran Church of Hope, West Des Moines, Iowa) told his story of growing a digital community and worship service with surprising and helpful insights.

Brandt reminded participants of the desperate need for leadership in the church and how online community and digital ministry can be ways to reach others. Brandt stated, “This moment has exposed an opportunity to the church that has not been available before”. He led participants in a discussion of what that can look like and how to be authentic when forming online community. Breakout sessions used the text of the Great Commission to discuss God’s presence and how to go out on mission when everyone is asked to stay in.

Photo by Foundry–923783

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