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Connect with God

Doable Spiritual Practices

Connect with God in the season you are in
by Faith+Lead | January 5, 2022
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Spiritual practices certainly resonate differently depending on our unique personalities and life experiences. Trying new practices, and unpacking what “spiritual practices” mean is core to faith formation. What makes a spiritual practice “doable” or “accessible” in your context? Some might say:

I can remember to do it.

It fits in my schedule/lifestyle.

It makes sense to me culturally.

I experience resonance or clarity through the practice. 

We even need different spiritual practices for different seasons of our lives. This month we will focus on spiritual practices that are “doable” for church leaders and our congregations or members in particular situations. 

Connecting with God is a foundational task of the Faithful Innovation Framework, and of our identities as leaders. 

As always, you can share what you are trying in the Faith+Lead Learning Lab, so we can all support and learn from one another.  Join for free at this link.  

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