A free e-book about year-round stewardship

Creating a Culture of Generosity
Begins With the Right Story

For a lot of us, the words “year-round stewardship” might evoke an unpleasant image—like 12 months of never-ending appeals to give. Just the thought of that feels exhausting and for good reason. Too often, the stories that get told around stewardship focus on activity, but the people in your congregation are busy enough. There’s a better story. Is it the one you’re telling?

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This e-book includes

  • A clear understanding of how to frame stewardship stories
  • The “why” behind the “what” of storytelling
  • Key practices for communicating impact
  • Ways to develop and share these stories
  • … and so much more!
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Generosity grows within
a thriving culture

If we’re not intentional, stewardship can feel separate from the ongoing life of our faith communities. In order to create continuity, we’re quick to talk about everything we’re doing as a body but tend to forget how important it is to share the impact of that activity.

Just like the human body, your church is a living, breathing ecosystem that has to be cultivated. Opportunities to give are good, but they’re not enough by themselves. A culture of generosity grows when we invite people to invest in an outcome, not just an event. This free e-book—written by Rev. Mike Ward—will teach you how.

Be a part of a community that’s making a real difference in the world.