How Christian communities are being church in the midst of a global pandemic. 

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4 Ways to Deliver a Message When You Cannot Preach

Engage your community with creative alternatives to a traditional sermon.
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Journaling for Pastors: reflect on your past

Enter into the spiritual practice of journaling ...

Keep Feeding People During the Pandemic

Now is the time to redesign food ministries to serve our neighbors ...
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Sabbath Lessons in Quarantined Time

During this intentional time of stopping, the biblical Sabbath has much to teach us ...
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What I’m Reading: Congregational Music in the Age of Coronavirus

Find out the most recent recommendations for singing in worship during the pandemic. ...

Simultaneously Working and Parenting

Pastoring while parenting has valuable insights for everyone trying to work and parent right now ...
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What I’m Reading: The Distanced Church

Download a comprehensive resource for holding church online. ...

Finding Our New Normal

Find the keys to the different kind of leadership that is needed now ...

What I’m Reading: Leading Beyond the Blizzard

A timely resource to help us in how we frame this present moment ...
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Unexpected Offering: Stories in Times of Trial

Be inspired by how communities are connecting in new ways ...
All Churches Are In An Interim: 3 Values for Liminal Times

All Churches Are In An Interim: 3 Values for Liminal Times

Interim ministry has insightful lessons for how to lead during a pandemic ...
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Doctrine of Discovery: A Lens for Scarcity and Abundance

Grappling with scarcity and abundance, churches in the US must also consider the origin of their theologies. ...
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Pandemic Pastoring 101

You are getting through this pandemic, and you are more equipped for it than you think ...
Faithful Adaptation: Leadership in Uncertain Times

Faithful Adaptation: Leadership in Uncertain Times

It is possible to lead well through disorienting times ...
Innovating Through Crisis

Innovating Through Crisis

In this time of crisis, we have the opportunity to keep innovating faithfully. ...
Faithful Adaptation: Digital Community and Outreach

Faithful Adaptation: Digital Community and Outreach

Stories and insights from a seasoned digital pastor to help you adapt to moving community online. ...
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Mapping What’s Ahead: The Emotional Journey of a Crisis

Luther Seminary VP of Innovation Dwight Zscheile examines the challenging emotional path that individuals, congregations, and communities can expect to take during the coronavirus pandemic.  ...
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Faithful Adaptation: Self Care

Session 4: Self Care Leaders from around the country added their wisdom ...
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How to Get Up to Speed with Online Giving Quickly

Get the process of online giving in motion today ...
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Faithful Adaptation: Spiritual Care

Learn what spiritual care can look like in these challenging times ...
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Faithful Adaptation: Holy Week

View this webinar to get insights and ideas for worship during Holy Week in these extraordinary times ...

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