How Christian communities are being church in the midst of a global pandemic. 


Momentum is a Mindset: Learning from Camp Ministry

A Spirit-guided look at potential during a crisis
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giving hands

Who Is Your Church Open To?

Do our ministries reflect only our members? ...
Crucial Strategies for Reducing Compassion Fatigue

Crucial Strategies for Reducing Compassion Fatigue

Resources and tips for ministry leaders ...
covering eyes

Stress is Social: Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care

The role of stress and empathy in a pastor's ministry ...

Creatively Connecting with All Ages During the Pandemic

Even with pandemic fatigue, churches can continue to connect while separate ...
white Christmas tree

Dreaming of a Blue Christmas

Ideas to help plan a Blue Christmas or Longest Night service in 2020 ...

Covid’s Call to Speak It Plain: Words for Worship and Life Right Now

Speak into the daily life of your community ...

Promising Innovation: Cultivating Innovative Intelligence

Lean into and continue the work the pandemic has brought to light ...
Christmas tree decor

What I’m Reading: O Zoom, All Ye Faithful

A fun way to have an online Christmas pageant ...
family and laptop

Bringing Back House Churches

Spirit-led innovation in response to the pandemic ...
working together

Promising Innovation: Reimagining Church Together

God works through leaders gathered together ...
magnifying glass

How To Take Criticism

Criticism about leading in the pandemic takes special focus ...

Moving Toward a Creation-Care Theology in Congregations

Five steps that any congregation can take toward creation care ...
Team members

Does a Practically Perfect Pandemic Partnership Exist?

A guide to working together in ministry ...
sermon prep

Ministry in the Pandemic Leader’s Survey

A look at ministry trends from a survey of 700 pastors ...
phone call

Who Is God Sending Your Way? Collegiality Is Crucial to Adaptation

God with grace and abundance connects us to one another ...
dock quiet time

What Virtual Worship Is Feeding Your Spirit? (Learning from the Lab)

Nourish your soul with these recommendations ...
walk near pier

How Can We Tell Stories of Faith in a Secular Age? Join Our Learning Community!

God is active in our people's lives. Let's help them notice it ...
house fire

Signs of Hope and Generosity: Stewardship in Times of Disaster Recovery

Life changing beliefs for disaster response ...
starry night and trees

What I’m Listening To: “Another Name for Everything”

A reader recommends a podcast that is bringing healing ...
Woman on beach at sunset

COVID-19 Stages of Grief

Every type of loss requires grieving ...

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