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Who Is God Sending Your Way? Collegiality Is Crucial to Adaptation

God with grace and abundance connects us to one another
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The world is changing. 

Stay up to date on the latest research, resources, and reflections exploring how to cultivate Christian faith in the 21st century. 





Finding Abundance in the Badlands: Collaboration in Worship and Community

How can churches overcome technology limits

Spiritual Direction vs. Therapy: What Is the Difference?

Therapy, spiritual direction, and confession are gifts
house fire

Signs of Hope and Generosity: Stewardship in Times of Disaster Recovery

Life changing beliefs for disaster response
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Faithful Innovation Summit: Distributed Story

A keynote by Rev. Dr. Joy J. Moore

The Spirit Speaks in Verse: Poetry as a Blessing to Ministry

The experience of poetry can transform ministry
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Responding to God’s Work: Congregational Discipleship

Congregations can respond to the way God grows disciples
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Stewardship This Fall

Steps to take now to prepare for fall stewardship
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Faithful Innovation Summit: Distributed Discipleship

A keynote by The Rev. Stephanie Spellers
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Can a Church Leader Be a Good Friend?

Challenges to forming friendships with the demands of ministry
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Ten Ways to Be a Lifesaving Church During this Pandemic

Churches can help those experiencing mental health struggles
Church Building

A Better Story: Leveraging Real Estate for Mission & Money

A church's story about redevelopment sets the tone for financial sustainability
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What I’m Celebrating Now: Women in Ministry Special Worship Service

A virtual service to celebrate the ordination of women
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Faithful Innovation Summit: Learning to Pivot

A keynote from the Faithful Innovation summit
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Tending to Communal Trauma Through Spiritual Practices

A key to leadership health is tending to trauma
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Our Money Story: Stewardship Resources for Creativity & Crisis

A holistic and artful approach to stewardship
Heart hands

What I’m Reading Now: When the Heart Waits

A book for those full of questions
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The Path to Resiliency

Help for the long journey of ministry
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Should I Participate in the Online Faithful Innovation Learning Community Training?

Meeting people where they are means doing new things.




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Ministry Without Maps

It is possible to navigate in new ways.
Back of head in church

Congregation Spotlight: Learning to Listen

A community that has deepened relationships through innovation.
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Seeking God in the Face of Disaster

When faced with disaster, resist giving in to fear.
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What I’m Listening To: “Another Name for Everything”

A reader recommends a podcast that is bringing healing.
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Sources for Ecotheology

Creation care takes on new meaning now.
Faithful Adaptation: Stay Signed On

Faithful Adaptation: Stay Signed On

A video and podcast about what's next for online church.
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Reset your Stewardship Ministry—Crisis Response to COVID -19

Look for opportunities to recover and grow in new ways.
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COVID-19 Stages of Grief

Every type of loss requires grieving.
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5 Practices to Encourage Congregations in Faithful Innovation

Ancient spiritual practices meet cutting-edge innovation.
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Wedding Bells Are Still Ringing: The Creativity of Pandemic Weddings

A clear and creative guide for every step of the wedding process.
Reading Outside

What I’m Reading: “The End of Youth Ministry?”

A helpful book for uncertain times.
tree on cracked ground

Shifting Ground

Patterns of giving have changed and continue to shift.
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Faithful Adaptation: Discipleship and Evangelism in a Virtual World

A free webinar presentation and podcast
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Leading With Vulnerability

Empower others to be authentic
Accompanying Young Adults in Liminal Spaces

Accompanying Young Adults in Liminal Spaces

Churches can be there for young adults going through change in challenging times.