Hope in the Loss

Joy and fun brings a community together
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The world is changing. 

Stay up to date on the latest research, resources, and reflections exploring how to cultivate Christian faith in the 21st century. 





Promising Innovation: When Disruption Becomes Ministry

Wildfires and the pandemic bring new meaning to caring for the least of these
painting supplies

Innovative Leader Profile: Jonathan Myers

Leading a creative ministry inspired by the monastic tradition
no thanks

How NOT To Say Thank You To Givers

A funny but helpful take on how to thank givers
Irish countryside

What I’m Reading Now: The Soul’s Slow Ripening

Ancient spiritual practices for our liminal times
working together

Promising Innovation: Reimagining Church Together

God works through leaders gathered together
magnifying glass

How To Take Criticism

Criticism about leading in the pandemic takes special focus
circle of care

Promising Innovation: Circles of Care

How an urgent need can drive innovation
Old Testament Stewardship Wisdom

Old Testament Stewardship Wisdom

Re-engage biblical ideas of work, money, and stewardship
waving hello

What I’m Reading Now: Online Worship & Hospitality

How can we welcome online visitors

Moving Toward a Creation-Care Theology in Congregations

Five steps that any congregation can take toward creation care
trail running

Virtually Run the Race Together

A virtual marathon can bring a church together while apart

Innovative Leader Profile: Heather Evans

A pastor reaching beyond the walls of the church

Capitalizing on Your Partnerships

What space could you open to other organizations
What We're Hearing from the Church

What We’re Hearing from the Church

What do leaders need to know, or know how to do, to be faithful and effective in a rapidly changing world?
pride flag

I Am: Why My Congregation Celebrated National Coming Out Day

Speaking truth changed the life of this pastor
youth and phone

Fact, Fiction and Fear in the Movement to End Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking

Get the truth on trafficking and how churches can help
fall colors

Self-Guided Retreats: A 2020 Necessity

Take time for spiritual renewal
chess pieces

Stewardship Leaders: Hope for Newly Ordained Ministers

Focus on stewardship and leadership to move forward
dog walk

Addressing Isolation in Ministry (Learning from the Lab)

How leaders are adapting to reach out

Storytelling Around Tables as an Antiracist Act

Sharing a meal as ministry




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Anti Racist Trust Team
A tool for finding support and accountability in anti-racism work.
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Does a Practically Perfect Pandemic Partnership Exist?

A guide to working together in ministry
picnic fall

Money Stories—A New Approach to Annual Giving

Connect and listen in your approach to annual giving
cloud and sun

What I’m Reading Now: Pearly Gates

A short and imaginative book of vignettes

All Saints: Nothing Can Separate Us

A ritual for All Saints' Day
sermon prep

Ministry in the Pandemic Leader’s Survey

A look at ministry trends from a survey of 700 pastors
Washington DC

The Church’s Call During a Global Pandemic in an Election Year

Insight to lead through the divisive mix of politics and religion
helping hand

Letting Go of Survival Mode and Embracing Sustainability

A way forward for struggling churches
happy face

I’ve Been Honored (Learning from the Lab)

Churches have found creative ways to honor pastors
phone call

Who Is God Sending Your Way? Collegiality Is Crucial to Adaptation

God with grace and abundance connects us to one another

What Could Your Congregation Learn from Ministry on a Multi-Faith College Campus?

Make commitments and watch cross-cultural understanding grow

Conflict and Forgiveness

Even during times of conflict, God has a promise for us
brick laying

Immovable Truths in a Time of Unstable Change: Inspiring Generosity in the Face of a Pandemic

Take care of the details to build a solid foundation for stewardship
couple sunset

What I’m Reading Now: Blessed Are the Nones

A resource for interfaith marriages
Anti Racist Trust Team

How to Build an Anti-Racist Trust Team

A tool for finding support and accountability in anti-racism work.
toddler on couch

Looking Out for the Littles: 4 Ways Churches Can Care For the Preschool-and-Under Set During the Pandemic

Simple ways to build faith and support parents with young children