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Singing Together, While Apart

There are many options to continue singing safely.
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The world is changing. 

Stay up to date on the latest research, resources, and reflections exploring how to cultivate Christian faith in the 21st century. 




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The Spirituality of Being Wrong

How being wrong can be a practice of faith and connection
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Ministry Tool: A Free Online VBS

Inspire children to experience God outside with this simple, free VBS
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It’s Not “Just a Dog”: The Ministry of Animal Companions

Animal companions provide a ministry of presence
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How Active Bystander Training Changes Our Witness

Congregations can show up in their communities with this training
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Pentecostal Protest

Amid barriers, imagine a nation unified by the Spirit
Putting Feet to our Faith

Putting Feet to our Faith

Practical steps to steward the work of racial justice
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Praying Justice in an Unjust World

Adapt your prayer practices for the needs of our current world.
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What I’m Reading Now: Resources for Racial Justice and Commemoration of the Emanuel 9

A resource to remember and advocate for racial justice.
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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

The Holy Spirit calls us to listen, understand, and go out.
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Who I Am Listening to Now: 5 Sermons from Black Preachers this Week

Listen and learn from these black preachers.
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Five Easy Ways to Virtually Manage Your Church’s Finances

By Tim Vaughn The COVID-19 pandemic creates many layers of uncertainty in
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Journaling for Pastors: Our own pain and limits amidst chaos

We can face our own pain and the pain of the world.
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What I’m Praying Now: Litanies and Confessions, Prayers for Justice

A resource for confession and prayer around racial justice.
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4 Ways to Deliver a Message When You Cannot Preach

Engage your community with creative alternatives to a traditional sermon.
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As With One, So With All: Reflections on Re-opening when the Pastor is Vulnerable

The Body of Christ from 1 Corinthians 12 can ground our theology of worship during the pandemic.
Traditional and Emerging Paradigms (Part Two)

Traditional and Emerging Paradigms (Part Two)

There is a way for leaders to work with the two paradigms of giving.
What I'm Reading: Online Metrics

What I’m Reading: Online Metrics

Find help for tracking the numbers of online worshippers.
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Good Grieving in the Coronavirus Era

Create safe and meaningful memorial and burial services.
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Your church website was once a billboard. It is now your sanctuary.

The purpose of the church website has shifted.
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What I’m Reading Now: Embracing Contradictions

We recommend a book for uncertain times.




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What I'm Reading: Returning to In-Person Gatherings

What I’m Reading: Returning to In-Person Gatherings

As local communities begin to gradually open up, congregations must weigh many
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Traditional and Emerging Paradigms (Part One)

Attend to the differences in those who give to better connect with your congregation.
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Journaling for Pastors: reflect on your past

Enter into the spiritual practice of journaling.
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What I’m Reading: How Livestreaming Can Help Us Better Understand Church

What is the future of live-streaming church?
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Funding Forward

Learn more about what's next for church funding and how to get involved.
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Sabbath Lessons in Quarantined Time

During this intentional time of stopping, the biblical Sabbath has much to teach us.
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What I’m Reading: Congregational Music in the Age of Coronavirus

Find out the most recent recommendations for singing in worship during the pandemic.

Simultaneously Working and Parenting

Pastoring while parenting has valuable insights for everyone trying to work and parent right now.
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What I’m Reading: The Distanced Church

Download a comprehensive resource for holding church online.

Finding Our New Normal

Find the keys to the different kind of leadership that is needed now.

What I’m Reading: Leading Beyond the Blizzard

A timely resource to help us in how we frame this present moment.
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Unexpected Offering: Stories in Times of Trial

Be inspired by how communities are connecting in new ways.
All Churches Are In An Interim: 3 Values for Liminal Times

All Churches Are In An Interim: 3 Values for Liminal Times

Interim ministry has insightful lessons for how to lead during a pandemic.
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Doctrine of Discovery: A Lens for Scarcity and Abundance

Grappling with scarcity and abundance, churches in the US must also consider the origin of their theologies.
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Pandemic Pastoring 101

You are getting through this pandemic, and you are more equipped for it than you think.