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Who I Am Following Now On Social Media: Austin Channing Brown

Listen and learn from Austin Channing Brown
by Lee Ann Pomrenke | June 4, 2020

Austin Channing Brown wrote the book “I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness,” which is eye-opening about what it is like for people of color to work in faith-based spaces that are predominantly white. Right now on Facebook she’s teaching a class on anti-racism work for all those newly tuning in after the death of George Floyd and the ensuing protests. 

From her first post: 

“Here are your first three homework assignments if you are new to anti-racism and need to catch up. I’m absolutely throwing you in the deep end, but I’m also doing you a solid by providing a roadmap. So roll up those sleeves. You’re welcome to share aha moments in the comments.

First up is my own writing “Trouble the Narrative” because that’s what we do all the time here. We aren’t after easy sound bites, clean answers. We wrestle with hard stuff and you have to resist the urge for clean edges here.”

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