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What I’m Reading: How Livestreaming Can Help Us Better Understand Church

What is the future of live-streaming church?
by Katie Langston | May 13, 2020

“As someone deeply interested in the intersection between digital media and ministry, I found this exploration of the ways in which the dramatic increase in live-streamed worship may—and may not—permanently impact the church.”

-Katie Langston, Director of Digital Strategy, Faith+Lead

From the article:

“As the novelty of livestreaming wears off, users will likely settle into a mixed view of streaming church services. Some people will find it lacking and appreciate in-person church more than ever. … Other churchgoers, though, will likely love the streaming Sunday services now available to them, including especially people with disabilities and others who are homebound. And members of churches that create compelling and engaging services online may prefer to stick with it long-term. But enthusiasm for streaming church probably won’t be enough to sustain continued widespread adoption after things open back up.”

Read the whole thing.

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