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What I’m Praying Now: Litanies and Confessions, Prayers for Justice

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How can churches confess and repent of the sin of white supremacy? In response to the recent deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, and anticipating the upcoming (June 17th) anniversary of the Mother Emanuel mass shooting, we draw your attention to this resource for litanies of confession and repentance.

From the resource:

“C: We commit to being not just not racist, but being anti-racist. We commit to learning about the possibilities of reparations. We commit to dismantling racial injustice in this congregation and the larger church through study and action.

P: In making these commitments in front of one another, we begin the work of dismantling the legacy of slavery as a community. Let us hold one another accountable to this work in the name of Christ. Through the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, we are forgiven all our sins. Go out in the spirit of repentance and sin no more.”

Access the full resource.

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