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What I’m Browsing Now: A Toolkit for Marking 1 Year of the Pandemic

Help for churches remembering the pandemic anniversary
by Lee Ann Pomrenke | March 5, 2021

It has been a year. This month across the U.S. we are marking one year since:

  • Cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in our communities
  • Church buildings closed
  • We adapted, especially to online worship

It feels like we should mark this milestone with ritual as the Church. Are you one of the many leaders asking in online groups for ideas, prayers or litanies, to lead the lament and encircle the sense of loss with care? Here is a toolkit of activities and resources put forth by the Everyday Sanctuary app for corporate worship or household use: 

Access the toolkit here.

Share your ideas, questions and practices in the Learning Lab, and chat with other church leaders in supportive community. 

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