A free e-book for learning how to navigate trauma

Trauma Can Steal Your Voice. This Healing Practice Helps You Find It.

Whether you’re new to supervision or have been figuring it out as you go, you may have experienced a moment of realization: this work is harder than it looks. Few of us came into ministry with the skillset or background required to supervise other adults. As people who are often expected to do it all, learning to delegate can be one of our biggest struggles – but it’s necessary. This free e-book will show you how.

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This e-book includes

  • An safe context to reflect on your experience
  • Guidance through the healing practice of felt words
  • The opportunity to connect words with the trauma you’ve known
  • Prayer as a means of honest communication with God
  • A practice you can build on and tailor to your unique experience
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Wade in the Water eBook
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Wade in the Water eBook
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Wade in the Water eBook
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Sometimes moving forward begins with remembering where you’ve been

It’s almost counter-intuitive to look back on the past. What can be gained by that? But when you’ve lived through a traumatic experience, remembering, naming those feelings, and reclaiming your voice can be transformational.

This free e-book ― written by Jennifer Ohman-Rodriguez ― is an open invitation to the voiceless. The work of reflecting can be heavy, but calling on God, even with pain in your voice, is how healing happens.

Find your voice and use it with a healing practice that reconnects you to yourself, others, and God.