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Three, free daily videos for self-reflection and setting intentions

Transforming Silence
Into Language and Action

Wholeness. In a world where it’s never been easier to compartmentalize who you are and filter how you are, what does it take to remain whole? These free meditations, emailed to you over the course of three days, will open your heart and mind to new ways of thinking and being, and all with one goal: a whole you.
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These videos include

  • Practices that promote healing and wholeness for self and others
  • An appreciation for ancient texts, voices outside your tradition, and your own wisdom
  • A deeper understanding of what it means to respect your feelings
  • Self-realization, personal growth, and a plan for living intentionally
  • … and so much more!

Looking Back, Looking Ahead, & Moving Forward Requires Intention

You know this intuitively, but it helps to be reminded sometimes. Without intention, we become stagnant—stalled and stuck in our own limiting stories and beliefs. The longer we stay there, the harder it is to imagine, much less do, anything else.

Forward progress requires intention, and it begins with a willingness to learn. These meditations—created and shared by Alexus Rhone—provide the gift of shared wisdom, a place to start, and a path forward.

Are you ready to transform silence into something beautiful? Find out now!