The Power of the ‘Don’t Know’ Mindset

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Find out why MicroGrants CEO Don Samuels says the willingness to “not know” is the first requirement in transforming the world.

Don Samuels, CEO of MicroGrants, walked through the three-phase journey of first fixing the symptoms, then identifying the problem, and ultimately working to develop a real, lasting solution. Watch this Case Story from the 2019 Faithful Innovation Summit hosted by Luther Seminary.

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  1. Quoting the National Catholic Reporter NCR, ‘Jesus was an inspired and practical community organizer who attracted followers from all strata of society, …a charismatic teacher, healer and story teller who could both articulate and model God’s alternative to the dominator system: “If you wish to be first, you must serve the needs of all” (Matthew 20:26). .

    Jesus modeled creative non-violence to both resist oppression and transform dominator systems into something that more closely resembles the “reign of God.”

    Don Samuels is doing the gospel

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