The ABCs of Creating Belonging

December 11th, 2021 at 11:00 AM Central

For a lot of us, belonging may have always felt like a slightly out-of-reach aspiration. Whether it was the middle school cafeteria or the middle of the sanctuary in a new church, your sense of belonging was as much feeling as fact—and when you didn’t belong, you knew.

But instead of being a passive activity—something that happens to you—what would change if we reimagined belonging as an intentional act? We all want to belong. Now you can.

What You’ll Learn

  • What belonging is (and why it matters more than anything else)
  • Some of the major obstacles that are keeping you from experiencing belonging
  • The power of understanding and sharing your own social story
  • How to listen without an agenda, and become comfortable with vulnerability
  • The ABCs of Belonging
  • … and so much more!


Through belonging, God’s presence is named and life-giving relationships are formed across all dimensions of diversity, both within and beyond the church.

Meet the Instructor


Cat Moore is the University of Southern California’s Director of Belonging, and is working to disrupt a loneliness crisis with micro-gestures of presence, friendliness, and care in our unique one foot sphere of influence. Having spent the first two decades of her life chronically lonely and not being able to simply research, Instagram or pray her way out of it, she sat in a strip mall Starbucks for a decade with her son and built grassroots community sort of by accident—and then very much on purpose in order to survive as a single mom. Discovering how to create belonging with, and for, others became Cat’s work and life calling. In addition to teaching, she has designed pilot projects on belonging with visionary leaders in a wide array of industries (from tech to cosmetics to the Department of Defense). In an effort to inspire others to become “wifi hotspots of belonging” in their own lives, Cat writes at length and speaks to a variety of audiences. Prior to launching her professional career, Cat studied philosophy at USC and the University of Edinburgh, graduating summa cum laude with honors while specializing in the conditions for communal and cultural change through relationships nurtured in public spaces. One of her favorite aspects of these workshops is to hear your stories and take next steps together.

How it Works

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