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Jul. 23, 2012

Practicing discipleship with youth

  Terri Elton offers a compelling argument for how to practice discipleship with youth in a missional context.
Jul. 19, 2012

Learning the Language of Gamers

By Rachel Schwenke, Children, Youth and Family Program Assistant How can the language of faith be communicated in a relevant way for gamers? Can the truth of the Bible intersect with the gaming language many use on a daily basis? Here’s a few ideas of how to use this lingo IRL (that’s “in real life” for you newbs).   “Jesus
Apr. 26, 2012

Essay and study guide on The Hunger Games

See this resource from the Immerse Journal, which includes a user’s guide for Prim in Dystopia. Written by Clint Schnekloth Related Link: See an overview and suggested study guide for The Hunger Games by David Lose.
Mar. 23, 2012

Doubt as the Curriculum for Confirmation by Andy Root

Read this article by Dr. Andy Root in the Immerse Journal on doubt as the curriculum for confirmation. The Confirmation Teacher/Mentor Related Links: Immerse Journal
Mar. 07, 2012

The Hunger Games: A Guide for Discussion by David Lose

See an overview and suggested study guide for The Hunger Games by David Lose. This is a great resource to talk about the book with teens and youth groups. related link: “…In the Meantime” blog by David Lose
Jan. 19, 2012

Congregational Resource for Todd Hobart’s Presentation

  In Todd Hobart’s video, he recommended churches do 2 things:1) Discern where you are as a church. Identify your particular context and the issues in your community. 2) Discern who you are as a group of people. Learn about the congregation and its strengths. Then, you can see how you fit into what God is doing in the world.
Jan. 17, 2012

Introducing AMP (All Metro Praise)…

“Collaborative Worship – an act of Stewardship”  Dave Scherer and Tony Fair give us a peek into the emerging All Metro Praise (AMP) worship experience partnering city and suburban churches in praising God together with ALL of our gifts.  The first AMP worship experience will be January 29th at Augsburg College.  All are welcome – so come! Where: Augsburg College,
Jan. 12, 2012

Congregational Resource for Brenda Olson’s Presentation

Examples of Mentoring Programs in Urban Contexts > See video of Brenda’s summary here Kinship is a community-based, one-to-one youth mentoring program. From Kinship: Does mentoring work? Studies show that mentoring reduces: drug and alcohol use; school drop outs; teen pregnancy; and violent behavior. Treehouse is a faith based, non-profit organization offering hope and guidance to hurting teens during difficult
Jan. 06, 2012

Congregational Resource for David Lose’s Presentation

In reflecting on David Lose’s presentation about Finding Ourselves in the Biblical Story, this scripture text comes to mind.  Joel 1:2-4 – Tell of This to All Future Generations from Luther Seminary’s Use this passage reflection to open up discussion: What evidence do you see of young people finding the bible irrelevant? How can we use the texts of
Dec. 05, 2011

Mike King at Missional Church Consultation

“Thrive: Curating Environments for Vibrant Faith Communities” Mike King How do we move from being programmers who do events and programs that tend to create mere connections with adolescents, to youth workers who craft environments where young people inhabit transforming space and sustained Christian formation? Serving as a curator requires deep theological reflection and an inclusive posture, along with the