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Jan. 30, 2018

From Objectification to Embodied Stewardship

Not many have a personal stewardship journey quite as juxtaposed as our writer this week, Sarah Renfro. In today’s column she describes her journey from professional model to pastor, and where stewardship played a role. In the end, Sarah argues for an embodied stewardship that we all would do well to embrace. Yours truly, Adam Copeland, Center for Stewardship Leaders 
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Nov. 28, 2017


Scrolling through my Facebook feed last week, I saw a short video of a lion cub learning to roar. In its very cute, yet powerful way, the cub was discovering the potential majesty hidden in its vocal chords. This week’s newsletter is about voice and stewardship. Pastor Sarah Renfro, whom I met at a stewardship conference, shares her wisdom on
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Sep. 20, 2016

The Stewardship of White Privilege

In recent months, I’ve repeatedly been drawn to questions that connect race and stewardship. To blindly approach white privilege as a “gift” to be stewarded seems simplistic, and yet the presence of racial bias, inequities, and the church’s continued role in them, means we must respond in some way. Last summer, after the shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church in
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Sep. 13, 2016

Diapers, Glitter Glue, and Unexpected Lessons in Stewardship

I’m happy to introduce Alex Benson this week, a student at Luther Seminary and editorial assistant for this CSL newsletter. Alex’s post is a great example of how our students have experienced stewardship before seminary, and how that broad vision shapes stewardship in the classroom. Each newsletter goes through several layers of editing, uploading, and sharing. I’m grateful to have
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Sep. 06, 2016

Unholy Sundays

Do you have a story of a time when a pastor — maybe even you — tried to shock the congregation, but went too far? The challenge for pastors is that “too far” is in the eye of the beholder. As Jesus taught time and again, one person’s scandal is another person’s holy justice. I was very glad to meet