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Jan. 12, 2012

Reflections on “Urban Ministry and the First Third of Life” with Brenda Olson

By Allison Tunseth, MA Children, Youth and Family student at Luther Seminary Brenda Olson’s presentation and article on faith formation and the urban church, unpacks the theme of relationships by engaging the idea of ‘accompaniment’. > See video of Brenda’s summary here Olson defines accompaniment in the urban church as, “a joint venture in which collaboration and community building serve the
Jan. 04, 2012

Reflections on “Finding Ourselves in the Biblical Story” with David Lose

By Karen Gieseke, MA Children, Youth and Family student at Luther Seminary Identity is at issue. The Missional Church Consultation explored identity as God’s child as something to be wrestled with, both in relationship to self and to other. > Watch David Lose’s summary of his presentation The scientific understanding of identity begins at each individual’s beginning. More importantly, according
Dec. 21, 2011

Conversations around “Envisioning the Future of Faith Formation in the First Third of Life” with John Roberto

By Laurie Neill, MDIV Children, Youth and Family senior at Luther Seminary The reality that John Roberto brought to light for me was that it is not only possible, but beneficial, for the church to provide faith formation for anyone, anytime, anywhere, 24x7x365. While I know that our youth (and adults) are connected to each other on many different levels,
Dec. 14, 2011

Place Matters: A Reflection on Mike King’s Presentation

By Dr. Nancy Going Place matters. Mike King looks at both the church and the process of faith formation from a pretty unique perspective.  Longevity.   He has lived in Kansas City his whole life, and served the same parachurch organization—Youthfront for 36 years.  His organization figures that something like 1/4 of the population of the Kansas City area has been
Dec. 01, 2011

Space to be Church: A Reflection on Ryan Bolger’s Presentation

By Sandy Troyan, MA Children, Youth and Family senior at Luther Seminary Conversation on the First Third of Life The conversation is alive, yet holds two dominate perspectives: – I am aware that the world around me is different. Things look different. People are different. And the very nature of our wants and needs are much different. – I am