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Dec. 12, 2013

A Time to Connect

A blog post by Terri Elton Image Credit: Friends by Rodrigo Suarez on Flickr Each year as I turn the calendar from November to December my mind creates a list of people I’d love to connect with during the holidays. Some of the connections are givens, like time with my brother and sister-in-law from California. Other connections are not guaranteed,
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Dec. 05, 2013

Why Worship during Advent

A blog post by Timothy Siburg Image Credit: Advent Wreath by Chris Wolff on Flickr The Centrality of Worship Worship is central to the church’s practice and understanding of who it is. We worship to praise and give thanks to God. In worship we join together as the body of Christ in song and the Word. We remember God’s promises
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Dec. 04, 2013

Lost in the Holidays Part II

A blog post by Terri Elton Image Credit: Chocolates by Jonathan Reyes on Flickr Bittersweet — there is no better word for the days of Advent, Christmas, and New Years than that. Sweet sums up the excitement of being with family and friends, of living in a season of giving, of having an intentional season focus on serving, and, of
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Dec. 03, 2013

Lost in the Holidays

A blog post by Terri Elton Image Credit: Christmas 2007 by Christina Rutz on Flickr Some say, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” while others dread the season. Christmas, the heart of this season, is centered on Christ, and yet amidst the holidays Christ often gets pushed aside. Truth be told, it’s a hard time of the year