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Jun. 05, 2018

Building Faithful Margin as Stewards of our Personal Finances

Recently, my wife and I were having dinner with a newly married couple. As happens in my line of work, the topic of finances came up. The newlyweds were astonished that my wife and I discussed money regularly (without fighting), knew off the top of our heads our household budget lines, and generally approached money without a deep sense of
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Apr. 24, 2018

Everyday Stewardship: Connecting Faith and Money

When did you first experience the transformative possibilities of stewardship? Some of us can claim a particular moment. For others, the journey is more gradual — or not yet begun. In today’s article, Grace Duddy Pomroy shares a bit about her stewardship beginnings, as well as a web resource that she’s publishing as her journey continues. Yours truly, Adam Copeland,
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Feb. 27, 2018

Kitchen Table Giving

Few names are more closely associated with faith-related generosity than that of the Reverend William G. Enright, Founding Karen Lake Buttrey Director Emeritus of the Lake Institute on Faith & Giving and former senior pastor of Second Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis. I was lucky enough to sit at Bill’s feet in one of his final opportunities teaching the Lake Institute’s
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Dec. 12, 2017

The Index Card: Personal Finance for Generous Living

I’m not sure what they teach in other countries, but I managed to get through more than twenty years of school without developing any substantive understanding of personal finance. Given my work in financial stewardship, I’m also certain that my experience is far from unusual. I’m not so sure churches should necessarily become hubs of personal finance advice, but we
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Nov. 14, 2017

Cash Got Your Tongue? Why do pastors wince at money-talk?

I first met — and was impressed by — the Rev. Karl Travis when he spoke at a stewardship conference, and I’ve been following his stewardship wisdom ever since. In today’s post, Karl calls out several reasons pastors hesitate to address money in our ministry. Not stopping there, however, he then describes how essential it is to move from avoidance
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Oct. 31, 2017

Authentic Stewardship Preaching

This week’s newsletter wraps up our series on preaching stewardship with a final takeaway. It calls for vulnerability and, well, an approach that might challenge many preachers. Yet, I think it’s high time the church — and its preachers — approached stewardship sermons with a posture of openness. Curious what I mean? Read on. Yours truly, Adam Copeland, Center for
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Oct. 24, 2017

Preaching and Stewardship

Fall is busy time for stewardship leaders, and my guest preaching schedule is quite full. While I love to preach about stewardship topics around the church, I’m also aware when I do so of the danger of passing the buck. Preaching on stewardship is a powerful opportunity for local pastors to share the gospel and invite God’s members to join
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Oct. 17, 2017

Preaching Stewardship: Confessions of a Convert

This is the time of year many preachers prepare sermons that focus, particularly, on stewardship. In today’s post (from our archives), David Lose shares his discoveries as a “convert” to stewardship preaching. Next week, we’ll continue our preaching mini-series with a review of the book, Preaching and Stewardship. Yours truly, Adam Copeland, Center for Stewardship Leaders  Preaching Stewardship: Confessions of
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Sep. 26, 2017

Stewarding our Finances

Today we return to the second iteration of the newsletter series on the new book Beyond the Offering Plate: A Holistic Approach to Stewardship. While it was tempting, for the sake of novelty, to publish an entire book on stewardship without addressing money, there was no real doubt that the book must devote a chapter to financial stewardship. I’m so
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Feb. 14, 2017

Stewardship Marathon: Top Ten Takeaways

For a project to be revealed later (how’s that for suspense?), Alex Benson has recently read through hundreds of past stewardship newsletters. I thought that presented a wonderful opportunity, and invited Alex to share her takeaways from her marathon stewardship reading sessions. The top ten list below is a splendid summary of our archive. Where is your congregation aligned with