Teaching, learning and diversity

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In addition to Dr. Willie James Jennings’ lecture, we invited a panel of faculty — Dr. Eric Barreto, Dr. Amy Marga, and Dr. Christian Scharen — to “think out loud” with us on the pedagogical implications of his work for our mission together at Luther:

Listening, leadership, ethnography

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Dori Baker reflects on the benefits of an “ethnography of hope” at the Alban blog. She quotes Thomas E. Frank, a seasoned observer of church life, noting that he “writes about turning to ethnographic practices of listening as a way to escape what he perceived to be market-driven perspectives prevalent in church-improvement literature. He found most of that writing to …

Sin, grace and popular culture

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Dr. Christian Scharen, in his book Faith as a Way of Life: A Vision for Pastoral Leadership, writes compellingly about the challenges of discerning God in the midst of popular culture. Unlike certain Christian communities who want to put a box around specific forms of culture and label them “safe” or “unsafe,” Dr. Scharen argues for God’s ability to speak …