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Sustainability in Ministry

Cultivating systems, practices and attitudes that renew life
by Faith+Lead | September 1, 2021

What does it mean for a ministry to be sustainable? Or what does it mean for you as a leader to have a sustainable place in ministry?

Concerns for sustainability in ministry cannot be primarily about income meeting expenses (although that matters too). We must also address the sustainability of meaningful effort and the give-and-take between connecting with God and serving others.

Sustainability may look different in rural, suburban or urban settings, yet these characteristics are consistent:

  • When our roots are nurtured by core spiritual practices, we are better equipped to face the challenges of innovation before us. 
  • When the actions we spend the most time and effort on actually spark desired change, leaders move further and further away from burnout. 
  • When we address all the stresses with colleagues and supportive community, we develop resilience. 

The renewal of our spirits and even our processes is a cycle. We never quite arrive but make adjustments with each step in the journey. How can we coach others to trust the living process of renewal (resurrection, even) and live into that new life ourselves?

Throughout the month of September, we will be exploring this theme and more here on the Faith+Leader. Want to contribute to the larger conversation? Join us in the Faith+Lead Learning Lab, a free and private social network for faith leaders of all kinds.

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