The Church is Changing.

What is God calling us to do about it?

Get an all-access digital pass to the 2019 Faithful Innovation Summit for just $7.


Discover and Embody Innovative Ways to Lead the Church into God's Life and Love for the World

Dear Faith+Leader,

No one has to tell you that we live in a time of disruptive change.

Participation in church is is in decline...and the only religious group that seems to be gaining traction in the west are the "nones"--those with no religious affiliation at all.

Yet even in the midst of all this, we believe God is at work.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is calling the church into a new future.

We believe that NOW is the time to embark on a journey of exploration and innovation into what God is doing in the church and world.

That's why we created the Faithful Innovation Summit and held the first one this past July in Minneapolis.

If you missed it in July, you can still benefit from the great thought leadership and on-the-ground case stories that were shared.

The Summit was fantastic--a time for Christian leaders to gather, share their challenges and discoveries, and work together to equip, encourage, and prepare one another for the journey.

But even if you missed it this past July, you can still benefit.

That's because we've decided to make an all-access digital pass to the Summit available for just $7 for a limited time (normally $49), so that you can apply this important learning to your ministry.

In your all-access digital pass, you'll get all the keynote addresses, case stories, and handouts that participants received--

PLUS, you'll be added to a private group in the Faith+Lead Learning Lab just for Faithful Innovation Summit participants, so that you can engage in conversation and make meaningful connections with leaders who are on the same journey you are.

Define and Address the Challenges You're Facing

Pastors and lay leaders can spend a lot of time focusing on things that don't actually address the core challenges of leading Christian communities in a 21st-century context.

The Summit will help you focus on what matters most, right now.

Maybe you're wondering...

  • What does it mean to trust God's leadership?
  • Where is God already at work to transform the church?
  • What does it mean to foster innovation for the sake of the Gospel?
  • What does faith formation look like in the 21st century?
  • How do we get from where we are now to a more hopeful future?

The Faithful Innovation Summit was designed to help you get clarity on what the core work actually is (and what it isn't!) and what it means in your ministry context.

How the All-Access Digital Pass Works

STEP 1: Access All the Summit Materials

Your all-access digital pass provides you with instant access to high-quality videos of all the keynote speeches and 20-minute case stories from Christian leaders innovating in their contexts, as well as the informational hand-outs that accompanied each presentation at the Faithful Innovation Summit.


STEP 2: Experiment with What You Learn in Your Ministry Context

Don't just watch the videos and absorb the learning--put it into practice! You'll discover specific ideas, tools, and exercises that are deeply practical. Share the videos with staff, lay leaders, and congregation members. Experiment with what you learn together in your ministry context.

STEP 3: Share Your Discoveries, Questions, and Challenges in a Private Digital Community

You're not alone in this work--that's where the private Faithful Innovation Summit group comes in. Continue the conversation with other leaders who are on the same journey you are. Post your discoveries, questions, and challenges in a private digital community just for Faithful Innovation Summit participants.


What You'll Come Away With

  • Clarity around the Core Challenge

    The changes in the church are not your fault–neither can they can’t be resolved with cosmetic or technical fixes. Go deep into the spiritual and theological causes of what’s happening as you learn to name and define reality.

  • More Confidence and Capacity in Your Ministry

    Many Christian leaders feel inadequate to the task ahead. That’s only natural–after all, this is God’s work, not ours. The solutions might not be entirely clear, but with the learning from the Summit, you’ll gain more confidence and capacity as you lean into the work to which you are called.

  • Connections and a Community You Can Rely On

    Ministry can be lonely. The private group is there to provide you a network of like-minded leaders that you can tap into and rely on both now and in the future.


Get Your All-Access Digital Pass

  • High quality videos of all the keynote speeches, on-the-ground case stories, and handouts from the Faithful Innovation Summit

  • Exclusive access to the private Faithful Innovation Summit cohort inside the Faith+Lead Learning Lab


Meet the Presenters

Image is not available

Author, scholar, teacher, faith formation pastor

Terri Elton
Associate Professor,
Luther Seminary
Image is not available

Activist, preacher, NGO leader, public servant

Don Samuels
Image is not available

Pastor, church planter, teacher, coach

Michael Binder
Founder & Co-Pastor,
Mill City Church
Image is not available

Pastor, church planter, innovator, organizer

Sheryl Kinder-Pyle
Executive Presbyter,
Presbytery of the Inland NW
Image is not available

Educator, trainer,
social entrepreneur

Ramon Pastrano
President & CEO,
Image is not available

Church planter, coach, movement maker

Nick Warnes
Founder & Director,
Cyclical LA
Image is not available

Priest, author,
scholar, consultant

Dwight Zscheile
VP of Innovation,
Luther Seminary
Image is not available

Coach, organizer, cross-generational minister

Dawn Alitz
Director of Faith+Lead,
Luther Seminary
Image is not available

Missional leader, priest, formation developer

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
Image is not available

Transformational leaders, trainers, facilitators

Amy Engebose &
Jean Devoll-Donaldson
Bishop's Associates,
East Central Synod of WI (ELCA)
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