Suicide Prevention in Ministry Settings

January 5, 12, 19, 26 at 12:30 CST
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Here’s a statistic that may surprise you: 84% of clergy have had at least one congregant ask for help with suicidal thoughts. While turning to faith leaders should be a positive experience, a real problem exists. More than half of the people in ministry settings don’t have any formal training in suicide prevention.

Suicide within our churches isn’t rare, but talking about it, understanding it, and ministering to those affected by it is.

Are you ready to change that?

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What You’ll Learn

  • Skills to help you identify suicidal behavior, intervene appropriately, and support safe outcomes
  • How your congregation can adopt effective, community-based approaches to suicide prevention
  • The ways faith communities can de-stigmatize mental health and become beacons of sustaining hope
  • A scriptural and historical framework for understanding suicide that directly addresses misinformation and problematic beliefs
  • How to develop training initiatives within your congregation so that everyone who is willing is able to share in this work
  • Practical and meaningful ways to care for your faith community in the event of a suicide


This workshop will equip you with skills in crisis response, safe intervention, and ongoing support for those experiencing mental health concerns.

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How it Works

Join Glen Bloomstrom and an engaged learning cohort live online.

  • Participate in 4 one-hour webcast sessions

    Join Glen live as he guides you towards a deeper understanding of suicide prevention, intervention, and the process of postvention. Can’t make it on a given day? Catch-up with on-demand replay.

  • Practice within a safe context

    Throughout the course, you’ll have opportunities to discuss and apply what you’re learning in order to prepare for real-life situations.

  • Develop meaningful connections with leaders like you

    If we’re not intentional, ministry can be an isolating experience. This is especially true when you’re navigating suicidal thoughts or events within your faith community. In the same way that your congregation needs a leader, the leaders need people they can lean on too.

Meet the Instructors

Glen Bloomstrom is the Director of Faith and Community Engagement at LivingWorks - a mission-driven organization with an industry-leading approach to suicide prevention. Glen has served as an Adjunct Professor and Instructor in a variety of seminary and chaplaincy training institutions. Prior to joining LivingWorks, Glen served as an active-duty Chaplain in the US Army, retiring as a Colonel in 2011. As a Clinical Fellow with the American Association of Marriage and Clinical Therapy, Glen brings a holistic approach to suicide prevention training that educates and empowers faith communities.


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Registration closes 12PM CST on January 4

  • Four live webcasts
  • On-demand replay of the entire course
  • Experiments and assignments to try in context
  • A safe space to connect, discuss, and share
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