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Create engaging and compelling sermons without stress, worry, or isolation.

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The Problem Sermon Camp Solves

Sitting down to write a sermon can feel overwhelming. Whether it’s making the time or finding fresh inspiration, it’s no wonder the process causes so much anxiety. We call it the Good News, but too often it feels like breaking news – the kind that’s rushed, missing deeper connection, and delivered at the last minute. Sermon Camp is a chance to change that.

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In Sermon Camp, you’ll enjoy an immersive learning experience that includes:

  • A powerful, 4-stage framework for creating more effective sermons
  • What a “Hope Statement” is and how it will help you lead your congregation to experience profound life changes
  • How to use a proven five-day plan to research, write, and revise your sermon so it’s done by Friday every week
  • Ways to clarify your thinking so your sermon is as clear and compelling as possible
  • Why starting with “The End” is often the best way to write your sermon
  • The three most effective methods for keeping your congregation fully engaged with your message
Sermon Camp


This process is absolutely brilliant and so elegant in its simplicity. I find myself thinking about my preaching in new ways, and I'm more excited about sermon preparation than I've been in a long time.

one of our 2021 participants


Sermon preparation isn’t just about finding the right words or relevant examples. What doesn’t change you isn’t likely to change your congregation — and it’s hard to experience new life when the process of writing your sermon feels stressful or draining. But when your own heart and mind are renewed — when you have a sustainable plan for crafting sermons weekly — you’re able to share that renewal with the members of your faith community. Be the change you want to see in your congregation. It starts here.

We will have three different cohorts available for you to pick from. Review the agenda and cohort date options below. When you register, you’ll select which cohort will work best for you.

Course Agenda

Rev. Dr. Lisa Cressman
Rev. Dr. Lisa Cressman,
Founding Steward, Backstory Preaching

The vision for Backstory Preaching woke the Rev’d Dr. Lisa Cressman in the middle of the night, and she’s been trying to keep up with the Holy Spirit ever since.

She is Backstory Preaching’s Founding Steward, sharing insights from more than 25 years as an Episcopal priest, preacher, spiritual director, and retreat leader.

She is the author of The Gospel People Don’t Want to Hear: Preaching Challenging Messages (Working Preacher Books, 2020), Backstory Preaching: Integrating Life, Spirituality, and Craft (The Liturgical Press: Collegeville, 2018), and Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday, a guest preacher, preaching instructor, and keynote speaker.

Lisa is a Certified Daring Way® Facilitator, holds a BS in Nursing from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an M.Div. from the Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, CA., and a D.Min. in Practical Theology from Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, IN.

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Course Dates: multiple cohorts will be available beginning in August and continuing for six weeks

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  • All course videos, study materials, and instruction
  • A safe place to learn and a community for support
  • 10 Contact Hours
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