For Christian Leaders Who Want a Better Way to Prepare and Share the Good News...

Make Sermon Prep the Most Spiritually Refreshing Part of Your Week

Join Sermon Camp with Backstory Preaching Founder Rev. Lisa Cressman
April 20-June 6, 2020  |  LIVE ONLINE

Introducing a Prayer-Centered and Faith-Focused Process for Crafting Inspiring, Thought-Provoking, and Life-Changing Sermons

Dear Faith+Leader,

Do you remember how it felt when you first answered the call to ministry?

You were probably filled with excitement at the thought of a life dedicated to serving God and neighbor.

You might have even dreamed of giving soul-stirring sermons in front of highly engaged congregations of loving parishioners.

So how long did it take before reality set in?

...Before you started feeling like a firefighter more than pastor, dealing with one crisis after another?

...Before the very thing that drew to ministry ended up on the backburner of all the other tasks required of a church leader?

And how often do you find yourself filled with anxiety as you scramble to put your next sermon together?

If you're like most preachers, the answer is probably… A LOT.

Why is this so common?

It’s because you're ALWAYS facing countless distractions fighting for your attention, all pulling you in opposite directions…

… and with a “The House is On Fire” type of urgency.

Is it any wonder that the very thing you were called to do–preaching the Good News–ends up taking a backseat to less important tasks?

Soon, you're desperately trying to find the time to get something together you can share in your next sermon.

But even if you do success with coming up with a “last minute” message, how fulfilling of an experience is it for you, and more importantly, your congregation?

There has to be a better way.

And I’m happy to tell you, this is EXACTLY what Sermon Camp is all about!

Sermon Camp is an Interactive Online Training Experience that Will Reboot Your Ministry, Renew Your Joy, and Revitalize Your Your Passion for Preaching is Re-Ignited

Over the course of seven weeks, Rev. Lisa Cressman and her team of experienced preaching mentors will lead you on an inspirational journey to finding a new level of fulfillment in your ministry.

You’ll fall in love again with studying scripture and enjoying quiet time with God, as you rekindle your burning desire to share the Good News with others.

You'll transform sermon prep from yet another task on your to-do a spiritual respite that you look forward to every week.

At the heart of Sermon Camp is the promise of a simpler and more fulfilling process of crafting powerful messages that create lasting change in both your congregation AND you.

What's Included in Sermon Camp

11 Hours of Live Virtual Classes

Enjoy the conveience of being able to join us from anywhere in the world! Join live, or catch up later.

The Complete "Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday" Video Course

We'll go chapter-by-chapter through Lisa's sermon-prep practice, but you'll also enjoy "on-demand access" to her checklists, infographics, and examples you can model for your own sermons


Conversations in an Exclusive Online Community with Peers and Mentors

Ask questions, discuss course topics, and form long-lasting relationships with peers. Plus, you'll be assigned a mentor who will walk with you every step of the way.

Assignments to Apply Your Learning

Real-world practice so that you can finish Sermon Camp with sharpened skills you can use in your ministry immediately.

Sermon Camp Schedule

All sessions are recorded in case you can't make it.

  • KICKOFF WEEK: Meet daily April 20-24, 2020 (choice of day or evening sessions)
  • REST OF CAMP: Meet weekly April 27-June 6, 2020 (multiple days/times available each week)

What You'll Learn

Sermon Camp is filled with powerful insights, tools, and practices for clergy, church leaders, and lay preachers of all levels of experience, including…

  • The most important daily habit you must form to increase the effectiveness of your ministry and bring you into a closer relationship with God
  • Ancient spiritual practices that will make sermon prep a time of respite instead of stress
  • What it means to preach with your whole life
  • A powerful 4-stage blueprint for creating more effective sermons
  • How to use a proven 5-day plan to research, write and revise your sermon so it’s done by Friday every week
  • The 7 crucial elements of an effective sermon and how to make sure they are never neglected
  • What we should always strive for in our sermons… INSTEAD of perfection
  • What prayer REALLY is (and how does it contribute to preaching)
  • How to allow God to be the real author of our sermons
  • Your ONE true responsibility in sermon preparation
  • How to create the ideal environment for writing your sermon to MAXIMIZE both your effectiveness and efficiency
  • Why setting up a specific routine helps to prime your mind to write at your HIGHEST and MOST CREATIVE level
  • A fun technique to break up any boredom that comes from sticking to a routine
  • An easy-to-implement practice for eliminating distractions while studying
  • What the “Curse of Knowledge” is and how to overcome it
  • How to allow God to help you attain new levels of understanding so you can preach in a clearer and more effective way
  • A simple online tool to help you organize your thoughts and visualize Scripture in a new way
  • How to allow yourself to be “transformed” by the scripture you are studying to preach
  • The power of asking “Why” and how it will lead you to new levels of understanding scripture
  • How to use your natural curiosity to dive more deeply into relationship with God

  • Why you should ONLY preach from this particular perspective
  • The SINGLE reason you should be preaching…and how to know if you're getting it right
  • How to effectively organize your thoughts so you can give a more powerful sermon
  • The three crucial questions you MUST ask yourself before writing any sermon
  • The critical difference between an “inspirational talk” and a sermon
  • How to use “The Power of One” in your sermon (this is maybe THE most important part of writing your message)
  • What a “Hope Statement” is and how it will help you lead your congregation to experience profound life changes
  • How to write your sermons with empathy to reach your parishioners on a deeper emotional level
  • Why we often resist the Good News for ourselves
  • The importance of continually asking questions during your sermon preparation
  • How to clarify your thinking so your sermon is as clear as possible to maximize its effectiveness
  • What a “Bumper Sticker” statement is and how it can help create lasting impact
  • How to use “Visual Latches” to make your message stick in the mind of the listener
  • The simple structure to presenting information that we are neurologically “hard-wired” to better retain
  • Why starting with “The End” is often the best way to write your sermon
  • The 3 EASIEST ways to keep your congregation fully engaged with your message
  • The Hollywood secret to creating “edge of your seat” cliffhangers in every sermon you give
  • How you can follow the same story telling form used in The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings to supercharge your sermons
  • The #1 Key to ALWAYS giving an effective sermon

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If Sermon Camp sounds like it was made for you…

… it’s because it WAS.

The vision for Backstory Preaching woke the Rev. Lisa Cressman in the middle of the night, and she's beeen trying to keep up with the Holy Spirit ever since.

She realized that pastors and preachers were getting burned out, physically, emotionally, and spiritually--and set about to find a better way.

Sermon Camp is the culmination of everything Lisa learned was desperately needed by so many who longed for both a closer relationship with God…

…and an easier and more powerful way to craft an effective sermon every single week…

…WITHOUT suffering from unnecessary stress and burnout.

Join us on April 20 and be prepared for many amazing discoveries that will create lasting change in your life and will lead to lasting change in others' through what you learn.

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