Seeds Project Fellowship

12 months. 12 innovators.
Help people discover the difference Jesus makes in everyday life by sharing stories and creating experiments through this unique, fully-funded Fellowship opportunity.

The Seeds Project Fellowship supports the work of Christian innovators who are focused on helping spiritual seekers and everyday disciples of Jesus discover the difference Jesus makes in everyday life.

Supported by Luther Seminary, the goal of the Seeds Project is to empower Christian innovators and share their learning broadly through the forthcoming Seeds online platform and Faith+Lead. This will invite thousands of other leaders, everyday disciples, and spiritual seekers into experiments focused on helping people experience the difference Jesus makes in everyday life.

If you'd like to have your faithful innovation work accelerated, and experiment with curating and creating resources for the forthcoming Seeds platform and Faith+Lead, apply to be a Seeds Fellow.

Applications are now closed. 

What You’ll Receive

  • A $10,000 stipend.
  • Connection with other Christian innovators through monthly online gatherings.
  • Access to a community of mentors and coaches who can help address challenges Fellows are facing.
  • Ability to share learning with a wide audience on the Seeds online platform.
  • Opportunity to shape the curriculum used to assist Christian innvators in their work.
  • Access to funding for new ministry experiments aimed at helping people discover the difference Jesus makes in everyday life.

Is Seeds for You?

If you're passionate about helping others discover the difference Jesus makes in everyday life, already engaged in ministry in this area in some way, shape or form, and want to share stories of what you're learning with a broader audience, you're exactly the kind of leader we're looking for!

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How it Works

You commit to engaging in these ways:

  • A monthly video Gathering

    This gathering will focus on prayer, workshopping problems and experiments, problem solving, and supporting one another. We might also invite expert speakers and grassroots innovators with whom you can learn and interact.

  • Sharing and Engaging around your ministry

    You'll have opportunities to share with the cohort about your ministry context and the challenges facing you there. You'll have support in digging deeper into the theological, cultural, sociological, leadership, and other dimensions of your context. The Seeds leadership team will facilitate discernment and design-thinking oriented training and conversations around the challenges you bring to the group.

  • monthly coaching calls

    These calls will bring together a smaller group of innovators for more personal conversations, connections, and problem solving.

  • Content creation

    As a Fellow, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to various content creation projects (such as podcasts, blog posts, videos, a regular storytelling event, etc.).

  • A quarterly webinar

    In addition to the monthly meeting, you'll join a quarterly webinar with a guest speaker.

The first meeting is scheduled for January 30, 2021 at 8 am PST / 9 am MST / 10 am CST / 11 am EST. Other regular monthly meetings and small group coaching calls are TBD, based on the Fellows' schedules.


Applications closed on January 15, 2021.