Seeds Prototype: Jesus, Jazz, and Dessert Wine

Connect through music and storytelling.
by Faith+Lead | December 4, 2020

Make meaningful connections in your community by creating space for people to engage in art, faith, and storytelling.


This practice is for anyone who wants to invite people into fresh forms of traditional prayer practices.


As Christians, we are called to help our neighbors experience and express the difference Jesus makes in the everyday life. This practice allows us to help others explore the intersection of art, faith, and storytelling.


  1. Pick a creative location (e.g. Jazz bar, live youtube show).
  2. Pick a date.
  3. Gather a group of people (online or socially-distanced); stretch yourself to reach outside traditional Christian groups or networks.
  4. During the gathering, open with live music.
  5. After the live music, invite people to share a story about their life.
  6. After the storytelling, affirm the importance of people’s stories.
  7. Gather again in a week or a month.


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