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working preacher presents...

walter brueggemann on preaching


energize your sermons with reflections on preaching from one of the world's most beloved old testament scholars and theologians

get smashed for jesus

What happens when we confuse the treasure with the container that carries it? Brueggemann challenges preachers to break out of the vessels that no longer suit and anxiously await what's coming. 

preach in an unraveling world

In the midst of seismic shifts, Brueggemann provides insight into resisting the allure of imperial power and cultivating the alternative imagination of evangelical vision. 

preaching the old testament

Notes on preaching the Old Testament from one of the foremost thinkers of the last century.

Will our faith have children?

The church is declining and even our very survival is at stake in a world of chaos and violence. Here Brueggemann asks: Are we open enough to receive a future from God which will surprise us? 

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