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renew 52

50+ ways to revitalize your congregation


52 ideas for congregational renewal
from 54 leaders in 15 traditions

inspiring ideas from inspiring leaders

Sometimes all it takes is a small spark to find inspiration. Here are more than 50 of them.

hope in a changing world

There's no question the church is changing--but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to feel hopeful about. Learn from gifted leaders and theologians who are rethinking what it means to form Christian community in a pluralistic, modern age.

practices that get to the heart

These actionable practices get to the core challenges facing the church and will help you rediscover energy for leadership, community formation, worship, intergenerational ministry, preaching, service, and discipleship.

faithful innovation

This isn't about innovating for innovation's sake, but because the gospel calls us to be in relationship with God and neighbor. Here are some ways to do it in a rapidly changing world.

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