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COVID-19 forced church leaders to respond to a global crisis in the blink of an eye. In a moment with little information and much uncertainty, churches reinvented nearly every aspect of church. This moment has ignited imagination, created collaborations, launched experiments, and dreamed of new possibilities as the heroic efforts of leaders continue to lead ministry. The response to these challenges has been great, but there comes a time when responding is no sufficient. If the church is going to live into a new reality, it will need to pivot.

Pivot invites church leaders to use the disruptive moment of COVID-19 to reimagine how they think about church, ministry, and leadership. Each week three veteran church leaders wrestle with making spiritual sense of this time, name how the Christian faith is a resource for navigating this moment in history, offer ideas on how church leaders can pivot toward the emerging future, and suggest practices for engaging others in this work.

Pivot is co-sponsored by LEAD and Faith+Lead.

Meet Your Hosts


Louise Johnson is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and serves as Director for Leadership Development at LEAD. Louise has 20 years of experience leading organizational change in church institutions and is passionate about accompanying adaptive leaders.


Scott Cormode is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Hugh De Pree Professor of Leadership Development at Fuller Theological Seminary. He teaches leadership development and innovation, consults with churches across the country, and loves walking with congregations as they explore new ways of being church.


Terri Elton is a lay leader in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Professor of Leadership at Luther Seminary.  She has extensive experience in congregational and synodical leadership, is a teacher and author, and enjoys awakening the church’s missional imagination and innovative spirit.