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an excerpt from

Grace and gigabytes

by Ryan M. Panzer

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what does it mean to lead in a tech-shaped culture?

In Grace and Gigabytes: Being Church in a Tech-Shaped Culture, Ryan Panzer explores change and ministry at the intersection of technology, culture, and church. Drawing on experiences as a Google employee, an instructional designer in the tech industry, and a lifetime of Christian leadership, Ryan argues that digital technology is not a set of tools but a force for cultural transformation that has profound implications on ministry.

from nouns to verbs

We all know what it means to "Google" something, "Tweet," or "Zoom" each other. But what does it mean for ministry that these technologies are no longer products to be consumed, but platforms for participation in culture?

from tools to values

Digital technology doesn't help us get things done—it's actually begun shaping our values, pushing our culture to embrace questions, connection, collaboration, and creativity. What might that mean for churches?

from knowing to searching

With the entire breadth of human knowledge available at the tap of a screen, curiosity is surging. What if our tech-based culture isn't turning its back on faith so much as it's lost patience with institutions that are reluctant to innovate and change?

from a tech-using to a tech-shaped culture

What the church needs now is the capacity and will to transform our ministries to engage a culture whose ways of thinking, decision-making, and relating have changed. How are we being called to adapt?

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