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The Quick-Start Guide

Craft an Effective Sermon by Friday

by Lisa Cressman


Learn how to use the ancient spiritual discipline of Lectio Divina to "pray" an effective sermon into being

In this quick-start guide, author, Episcopal priest, and founder of Backstory Preaching Lisa Cressman outlines a five-day practice for sermon prep that centers in prayer and contemplative practice before turning toward effective oration. 

A daily rhythm for fruitful sermon prep

Practices for prayer, contemplation, and dwelling in scripture each day that lead to the creation of an effective sermon by Friday.

Questions to make the text come alive

Use Lisa's questions as guideposts to lead you deeper into the text and to spark inspration, curiosity, and wonder.

How to unlock your senses

Follow Lisa's invitation to use each of your five senses to notice the characters and setting of biblical passages. 

the seven elements of an effective sermon 

What makes a sermon faithful and effective? Lisa shares seven simple elements that make a sermon "work."

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