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Relationships in Ministry – December’s Theme

The challenges of managing relationships as a church leader
by Faith+Lead | December 1, 2021
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Relationships are the basis for trusted church leadership. But, a church leader’s personal relationships may suffer from the stress of ministry or time spent on our work. Whether it’s working relationships, friendships—or our status as single, widowed, married, or “it’s complicated”—the different kinds of relationships church leaders have can be affected by ministry.

With this in mind, could our relationships in ministry actually open up opportunities? How could our vulnerability in this area help us potentially avoid conflicts?

As we approach Christmas—a holiday laden with media and cultural messages about family and togetherness—we can help equip faithful people to set boundaries and interact with relatives with whom we disagree, with integrity. Congregations could become seedbeds of kindness and understanding, modeling what is possible in relating to one another. 

What else can we discover about relationships in ministry?

This month on the blog and in the Book Hub we’ll hear from leaders with a variety of backgrounds. We will learn about practices to share with the entire congregation and beyond. 

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