Quick-Start Guide to Hybrid Ministry

A free e-book for people thinking about changing directions

When it Comes to Hybrid Ministry,Getting Started Can Be the Biggest Challenge

For churches and leaders learning about hybrid ministry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You may not know where to start, what to buy, or who to ask. It might seem simple to talk to a colleague, but they may have the same questions as you. In a world that only seems to be becoming more digital, you need some clear direction—from budget-friendly equipment and must-have software to podcasts and books that expand the conversation. 

This free guide is designed for you.

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This e-book includes

  • Budget-dependent breakdowns of the equipment and software you need, as well as a short description of what each does
  • Lists of podcasts and books for practical tips and an expanded vision for your own hybrid ministry
  • Direct links to help make purchasing, listening, and reading easier
  • Social media groups that foster discussion and offer a safe place to ask questions
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Equipment for shoestring budgets
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Equipment for larger budgets
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Equipment for larger budgets
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Equipment for larger budgets
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Equipment for larger budgets
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Being digital requires leaders willing to learn

Just like everything else, hybrid ministry has a learning curve. Some trial and error will be involved, and you—along with your congregation— will have chances to adapt even as you adopt new ways of being together. Digital ministry is a process, and it is one that’s easier when you’re not having to go it alone. 

When we feel that way, few good things happen. We lose hope, spend too much money, or end up with things our churches don’t actually need. This free resource is a starting point, a way to create connections, and a helpful guide for knowing which tools are essential. 

Hybrid ministry may be harder than it looks, but it doesn’t have to be impossible.