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Pivot Podcast Season 2

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by Faith+Lead | February 10, 2021

As COVID-19 forced church leaders to respond to a global crisis in the blink of an eye, the podcast Pivot was born. On each episode of season 1, three veteran church leaders wrestled with how to make spiritual sense of this moment in history. Watching churches around the country reinvent themselves in the midst of a global pandemic, social unrest, and so much uncertainty, they wondered how the Christian faith both anchors and frees church leaders to pivot toward the future that is emerging. Reflecting on current events, sharing stories, and naming practices, season one focused on encouraging frontline ministry leaders to lean into their imagination, launch and reflect on experiments, and become curious about new possibilities. 

Season two takes place as congregations approach the year anniversary of closing their buildings and navigating ministry in this liminal time. In this season, our two hosts—Louise Johnson and Terri Elton—capture the practical wisdom of how congregations are pivoting toward the future by interviewing different ministry leaders.

Listen the podcast on multiple podcast platforms and learn more about the show. In addition to the weekly podcast, Pivot will also cultivate a community conversation on Faith+Lead’s Learning Lab.

Join the conversation with the hosts and other listeners in this free community space.

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