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Pastoral Imagination:
The Power of Being There

Routine – even in ministry – is easy to fall into. We have calendars to keep us on task and schedules to follow. We’re so used to our routines that it may be hard to imagine doing anything differently. Until now. This free chapter from Rev. Dr. Eileen Campbell-Reed’s book Pastoral Imagination: Bringing the Practice of Ministry to Life will expand your understanding of being present and how, sometimes, your presence is all that is necessary.

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This download includes

  • The introduction, fifth chapter (entitled Being There), notes, and index sections of Pastoral Imagination: Bringing the Practice of Ministry to Life
  • Practical, real-life stories of other ministry and lay leaders and the struggles they share
  • A better understanding of the ongoing research behind the Learning Pastoral Imagination (LPI) Project
  • An entry point into thinking about ministry as a practice – and how that framework might impact your life and the lives of those around you
  • New ways of embodying belief that breathe fresh life into your day-to-day routines
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The Power
of Being There

Sometimes we just get it wrong. We overestimate the importance to be in one place and underestimate our necessity to be somewhere else. Rarely, if ever, are these decisions intentionally personal. Instead, we might tend to think they’re simply practical, the simplest set of logistics, or the best way to maximize our impact.

And yet we sometimes just get it wrong. Why? Often it’s because we’ve lost the ability to imagine something different. We’ve told ourselves a story and we’ve believed it. Our priorities are a little off and we might not even be aware – at least not without a little help. That work starts here and now.

Expand your pastoral imagination and reframe what being there is all about.