Our Top-Five Personal Finance Podcasts

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When it comes to the topic of financial wellness resources, the challenge isn’t a lack of information. In fact, it’s just the opposite. There are so many resources out there that they can overwhelm. Well, we at the Center for Stewardship Leaders have narrowed the list for you, at least in the case of personal finance podcasts. Alex Benson has combed through dozens of podcasts to select — drumroll, please — our top five! Don’t know how to listen to a podcast? She explains that as well.

Finally, I’d like to thank Alex for her splendid work with the CSL over the past two years. She’s off to internship soon, and I wish her all the best in her stewardship leadership and beyond. Thanks, Alex!  

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Adam Copeland, Center for Stewardship Leaders

Our Top-Five Personal Finance Podcasts

Alex Benson

Google “personal finance podcasts” and you are sure to discover an overwhelming array of options. It can be hard to know where to start, and what is the best fit for your personal finance needs may not resonate with the next person. Podcasts can be listened to on the particular podcast website and music streaming services like Spotify or SoundCloud, or you might download or subscribe to them on your smartphone using podcast apps like Apple Podcast (iPhone) or Google Podcasts (Android). In my own foray into the personal finance podcast world, I discovered podcast episodes ranging from five minutes to over an hour, from witty banter to straightforward and concise advice, from listener Q&A to interviews with leading financial experts.  If you venture down the podcast path, you’re sure to find some hidden gems of your own, but to get you started, here are my top five personal finance podcast picks, in no particular order:

1.  Popcorn Finance
Both concise and conversational, host Chris Browning “discusses finance in about the time it takes to make a bag of popcorn.” Most episodes are under 10 minutes, and feature interviews, listener questions and goals, and Chris’s own personal finance wisdom. Series include Investing 101, Side Hustles, and 2018 Listener Goals, but also tune in to catch episodes on topics like credit score myths, listener debt success stories, and saving tips. This podcast is quick, conversational, fun, and practical — and features some pretty cool background audio. Also, check out the Popcorn Finance website for a list of Chris’s favorite personal finance resources as well as the Popcorn Finance 2018 Reading Challenge!

2.  So, Money with Farnoosh Torabi
In So, Money, personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi interviews finance leaders about their personal money lessons, habits, and overall financial perspectives. With the podcast’s emphasis on personal money stories — successes, failures, and fears — Farnoosh and her guests thoughtfully consider the impact of finance on personal and family life. Her guests, from CEOs and journalists to relationship experts and film directors, explore a wide array of topics, so there’s something for everyone. How should you best invest large amounts of money? How might you tactfully navigate social expectations on a budget? How can you begin to prioritize your financial goals? If you enjoy this podcast, you may want to consider joining the free online community for additional conversation, unedited episodes, and her free e-book So Money Secrets. Episodes average about 30 minutes.

3. Listen, Money Matters
Looking for something both practical and playful? Listen, Money Matters might be up your alley. This podcast exists to help you “learn how to manage your money like an adult” and is the self-proclaimed option for people “who love beer and swearing as much as they love money.” Co-hosted by Andrew, a personal finance expert, and Thomas, a young entrepreneur, Listen, Money Matters explores everything from practical money management tips to the future of work in a robotic age. With over 400 recorded podcasts, it would be overwhelming to know where to start, but that’s where their “expertly curated money mixtapes” come in! They have curated several themed playlists on topics from destroying debt to basic investing principles to “successful women who are seriously killing it.” Be sure to check out their website to explore their “Financial Toolbox” as well as for a link to their online Facebook community. Episodes average about 30-45 minutes. Fair warning: the hosts do like to swear.

4. Money Girl
If you’re looking for concise and practical advice, this might be the podcast for you! With a run time of only about ten minutes, host Laura Adams, MBA, walks listeners through over 500 topics from when to cancel a credit card to how to choose the right retirement account. This podcast is all about efficiency with lists and mini-lectures that get right to the point about just “what you need to know.” Also, check out the Money Girl website for show notes and additional resources.

5. Couple Money Podcast
Looking for family-oriented financial advice? From the best summer-time activities for a family on a budget to approaching the “money talk” with your partner to saving money on health insurance, host Elle Martinez offers wisdom for couples and families in all stages of financial wellness. Driven by the mission to “help couples stop fighting about money and to start building a life they love together,” Couple Money Podcast is down-to-earth and accessible and features interviews with leaders in personal finance and relationships as well as “real-life couples.” Listeners can also join an online community and take part in a free five-day course. Episodes average anywhere from about 10-30 minutes.

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Alex Benson is an M.Div. student at Luther Seminary. She serves as Program Assistant & Editorial fellow for the Center for Stewardship Leaders.

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