Leading Faithful Innovation:
Getting Clear on the Why of Your Church

Rediscovering the difference Jesus makes in everyday life requires a shift in the way you think. We can help.

What Difference Does the Gospel Make?

The number of people pursuing faith and spirituality outside an institution is growing. Because of that, the need for churches to be able to define their why is critical. Why do they exist? What unique message do they have for a culture hungry for hope? With division and despair at all-time highs, how are churches making meaning in day-to-day life? For generations, the answers to these questions were assumed. That’s not the case today.

In this webinar, we explore ways to help your church get clear on its why — the very real difference the Gospel of Jesus makes in your congregation and community. You’ll gain simple, accessible practices churches can use to renew their focus, and learn to articulate the Gospel in ways that energize and animate life.

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In this 60-minute workshop, you’ll learn:

  • A practical framework for reimaging your church’s purpose and implementing change
  • What can be gleaned from the past and what can rightly be left there
  • Practices for a renewed focus on the life-giving
    power of the Gospel
  • A sustainable way forward that’s rooted in faithful
    innovation best practices
  • … and so much more!


“The challenges facing the church are big and nebulous and it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed or cynical or just maybe I should give up, but this process has given a basis for hope, even if we don’t know all the answers.”

Pastor Brandy, Faithful Innovation Participant

Join Us…

It’s natural to want church to stay the same, and to enjoy the feelings of security that come along with the way things have always been. It can also be a recipe for becoming stagnant and stale.

Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be this way. This webinar is a chance to expand your imagination of what church can and should be. During the workshop, you’ll discover how and why expectations in ministry are shifting and what the building blocks of a vital congregation really are. The people in your community engage in church differently than they used to. Meet them where they are with the Good News of Jesus.

About the Presenters

Alicia Granholm, Director of Communities and Consulting

For two decades, Alicia Granholm has trained and equipped over one thousand leaders to engage their local communities by contextualizing the Gospel and its application. She is the director of communities and consulting for Luther Seminary’s Faith+Lead where she teaches congregations and judicatories to engage practices of faithful innovation. She has served as a pastor in mainline and non-denominational churches in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. Alicia has a Doctor of Strategic Leadership from Regent University, a Master of Divinity from Bethel Seminary, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of St. Thomas.

Dr. Michael Binder, Assistant Professor of Congregational Mission and Leadership

Michael Binder is a professor, pastor, and church leadership consultant. He currently is on the faculty of Luther Seminary teaching ministry leadership; Michael also serves on the Innovation Team at Luther. He helped start Mill City Church in Northeast Minneapolis in 2008 and continues to serve there. He also consults with congregations and denominations in the U.S. and Canada. He lives in Saint Paul with his wife and three children.