Hybrid Ministry in a Post Pandemic Church

Gain the skills to adapt and the capacity to engage with a changing culture.

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What You Will Learn

Whether you’re high-tech, low-tech, or no-tech whatsoever, it’s nearly impossible to miss the shift that’s taking place in our culture. Curiosity is on the rise. Participation is sparking creativity and connection. For the first time ever, digital technology is shaping our values.

Our churches need the capacity and will to engage with a changing culture — one that isn’t afraid to embrace hard questions.

How are you being called to adapt?

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In Hybrid Ministry in a Post-Pandemic Church, you’ll benefit from expert guidance and gain practical wisdom that includes:

  • An understanding of hybrid ministry in a variety of contexts, including worship, faith formation, stewardship, church leadership, and more
  • The limits of hybrid ministry (when virtual engagement is unnecessary)
  • Coaching and change management techniques to address the people in your congregation who might prefer a return to a pre-pandemic “normal”
  • An ability to envision and create hybrid ministries within your faith community
Hybrid Ministry in a Post Pandemic Church


The content is great and the format reshapes our ideas of how we behave as a group of church people coming together to do God's work.

Shift Ministry Models

When you’ve had a framework that seemed to check all the boxes, it can be hard to imagine doing ministry any other way. Life, however, has a tendency to shake things up. The last few years are a clear example.

This course will help you harness the skills of agile leadership, stewardship, social entrepreneurism, and management – allowing you to be nimble enough to respond to a changing cultural landscape as you navigate even more change in the future.

Course Agenda

Ryan Panzer

Ryan Panzer is the author of Grace and Gigabytes: Being Church in a Tech-Shaped Culture (Fortress Press, December 2020). Having worked for technology companies like Google and Zendesk while attending seminary and serving in ministry contexts, Ryan researches and writes about ministry in a digital age. As a coach and consultant, Ryan equips communities of faith to live into their mission by integrating digital technology in their ministry. He lives in Madison, WI. For more writings and resources, visit www.ryanpanzer.com.

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