Faithful Innovation Learning Community for Judicatories

Join a community of ministry peers and learn to foster a culture of experimentation and transformation within your judicatory.

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If you're a leader in a judicatory system who...

  • Recognizes that your communities are rapidly changing;
  • Wants clear next steps for helping congregations faithfully respond in new and different ways; and
  • Needs to do it without adding to an already-packed schedule…

The Faithful Innovation Learning Community for Judicatory Leaders is for you.

Three people on a couch doing a Bible study.

Since 2018, we've trained over 50 judicatory leaders to help congregations of all sizes in their systems become vital Christian communities.

The challenges facing the church are big and nebulous and it’s really easy to feel overwhelmed or cynical or just maybe I should give up, but this process has given a basis for hope, and even if we don’t know the answers.
Pastor Brandy G., past participant

So what will you learn in the Faithful Innovation Learning Community?

  • A concrete way to navigate our new reality that is rooted in Biblical practices and leading-edge innovation tools.
  • How to engage accessible practices and habits that any leader or congregation can learn to lead change.
  • Ways to adapt and experiment in order to introduce the treasures of the Christian tradition to contemporary people in a changing world.
  • A practice for identifying sources of hope and life-giving energy within your community and context.
  • A proven step-by-step process for trying new things in a way that is actionable and holy, while equipping congregations to do the same.
  • How to help congregations make deeper connections with God, each other, and their neighbors.
  • A compelling recruiting plan you can use to engage congregations throughout your judicatory system.

Most importantly, you’ll gain the confidence and concrete tools you need to know what to do and how to do it as you help the congregations in your judicatory system re-discover the hope of a vital faith in Jesus.

How Does It Work?

You’ll start with two in-person trainings that walk you step-by-step through our faithful innovation curriculum and equip you to introduce it in your judicatory system. Meals and training are covered for up to four participants per judicatory.

Training 1: The Faithful Innovation Process (January 9-11, 2023)

Learn the three-step faithful innovation process (Listen, Act, Share) so that you can engage Christian practices and leading-edge innovation theory to help congregations discover what God might already be up to in their communities and discern a faithful path forward.

Brewery owner Jay Clancy

Training 2: How to Introduce Faithful Innovation to Your Congregations (April 17-19, 2023)

This “train the trainer” retreat will equip you with everything you need to recruit and teach congregations in your judicatory system to practice faithful innovation -- including videos, handouts, resources, and a compelling process for recruiting congregations that are ready to discover a new way forward.

Ongoing Access to Coaching and Support

After completing the two trainings, you'll have twelve months of full access to our ongoing support program -- including:

  • Two one-on-one coaching calls with your cohort leaders to help you implement everything you learn
  • A private digital community with your cohort and other alumni so that you can stay in touch and bounce ideas off each other
  • Regular office hours with our experienced leader-coaches
  • Instant access to the most up-to-date faithful innovation resources that get developed for as long as you're in the program
Processing the Pandemic For Ministry

This process transforms congregations and judicatories—and it will be open again soon for enrollment in the August 2023 cohort.

Cost of Course

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Quarterly Payments


The Faithful Innovation Process

Get to know the transformative practices that will cultivate a spirit of faithful innovation in your judicatory

Listen—Trace God’s Movement in Our Neighborhoods and Lives

Respond faithfully to your changing community by learning how to listen better to others in your congregation, your neighbors, and God.

Discover simple and accessible Christian practices for learning what God is doing in the life of your local congregation and discerning where God might be at work in your everyday life already.

The goal for these practices is to help you begin to answer the question, “What might God be up to?”

Act—Learn by Doing: Using Experiments to Discover God’s Leading

Nothing is scarier than investing resources of time, energy, people, and money to try new things only to discover that they have failed. And so, often we simply don’t try new things.

It’s not that we don’t want to try new things. It’s that we can be really overwhelmed by the process and have no clue how to go about it.

So we just “try and pray,” hoping that things will get better. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Learn how to use and design experiments to continue learning what God might be up to.

You’ll be confident and excited about trying something new again.

Share — Intentional Reflections on Our Actions

We all know transformation doesn’t take place overnight. And so often 90% of the work gets done by 10% of the people.

But what if that doesn’t have to be the case in our congregations moving forward?

Learn how to discover what God is teaching you and how to share this in a compelling way with your congregation.

By using the resources inside this training, you’ll eliminate the guesswork and start engaging more people in your congregation in what God is calling you and your congregation to do.

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