Faithful Adaptation: Being Church in a Time of Crisis

Where is God showing up in the midst of a global pandemic? 


This is an unprecedented time. Yet we hold fast to the promises of Jesus Christ to be with us always, even in times of disruption and crisis. We can get through this together.

The Faithful Adaptation Webinar Series is a space where you can connect with ministry peers to pray, share, and learn.

Each session, an experienced practitioner or thought leader will open a conversation about a crucial ministry topic in the face of physical distancing, working from home, and financial uncertainty. 

Topics include:

  • Connecting with your community
  • "Virtual" Holy Week services
  • Providing meaningful spiritual care while practicing physical distancing
  • Digital community and outreach
  • Self-care in the midst of a crisis
  • And many more

We'll bring you webinars whenever we have a new insight or guest to share with you. Join us!

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