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Faith & Trauma

Understanding, Healing, and Justice
by Lee Ann Pomrenke | May 3, 2022
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She certainly overreacted – I didn’t think it was a big deal. 

Did he really just make a joke about being “addicted” to Bible study? That doesn’t sit right.

They seem different than they used to be. I wonder what happened?  

In tandem with the Festival of Homiletics theme “After the Storm: Preaching and Trauma” this month, The Faith+Leader blog and Learning Lab will provide resources and initiate thoughtful conversation on faith and trauma. 

As we are emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have some trauma to address. Some blog posts will help us faithfully understand the trauma of personal or communal experiences, from pregnancy loss to military combat. Others will address trauma responses such as shame or fear and how they impact the life of faith and faith communities. We will also share pertinent blog posts from our archives to enrich the conversation. The Book Hub on June 16th will be one more opportunity to engage the topic from different angles.

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