Cultivate Community

Cultivate Community and Practice Justice

More from the faithful innovation framework
by Faith+Lead | May 20, 2021

Faith+Lead’s Faithful Innovation Framework includes 5 core tasks. This week we are highlighting these tasks.

Today, let’s take a closer look at the third and fourth tasks from the Faithful Innovation framework.

#3 Cultivate Community

Become centers of deep listening, where God’s presence is named and life-giving relationships are formed across all dimensions of diversity, both within and beyond the church.In this video, hear leaders discuss how their approach to engaging in their community has shifted: 


  • How do church leaders engage in the community surrounding your church?
  • What is the difference between “being neighbors” versus “serving neighbors” in your context?  

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#4 Practice Justice

Through mutual relationships with neighbors, join in acts of compassion, justice and reconciliation as a witness to the ministry of Jesus—particularly in places of suffering and despair. In this video, hear leaders discuss how justice work goes beyond emergency aid to include internal work and intentional engagement of people who have been hurt: 


  • In what ways are your congregation’s relief or advocacy efforts different from others? 
  • Are there specific populations your ministry may be equipped to minister among, to focus on specific justice or inclusion issues? 

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